Curricula & Learning

We use a special blended curriculum that implements the best philosophies such as: Reggio Emilia, Montessori, nature-based play and STEAM to create a playful learning environment under the guidance of the National Association for the Education of Young Children.
We believe that play is a child’s work and that children learn by actually doing.
We offer hands-on experimentation, encouraging the process rather then the product through meeting the needs and interest of each unique and individual child.
These ideologies not only value the human spirit but also the development of the whole child – physical, cognitive, language, problem solving, academic, social, emotional and creative. These early years are important to children’s success.
We accept and value each child for their uniqueness and strive to build upon their acquired developmental skills so they may always experience successes in their learning.
Children’s diverse needs, interests and developmental levels are taken into account in our curriculum.
The environment is designed to be challenging, both mentally and physically, to foster independence and to allow children to grow and develop at their own pace.
Children learn when they are self-motivated; therefore, we limit large group activities and allow children to make choices in their activities.

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