• Tassia Araujo-Roper

Meet Mrs. Terry

1. How do you help new parents feel secure knowing that you're providing the best care for their child?

I help new parents feel secure knowing that I am providing the best care for their child through communication. I take the time answer questions that are important to them such as classroom routines and classroom management. I listen to their concerns and address them to make them feel more comfortable. I also communicate by sending them pictures through Procare of their child having fun in the classroom. A picture speaks a thousand words and it helps make parents comfortable with their choice of entrusting me with their child.

2. Define success as a preschool teacher.

I feel successful as a preschool teacher when my children feel safe, loved, and arrive at school excited about the adventures and the fun they will have that day.

3. How do you know if your teaching strategies are effective?

I know my teaching strategies are effective when the children move from me having to model and totally help them with something, to them doing it with support from me, to them showing mastery by doing it all on their own.

4. How do you handle misbehavior in the classroom?

I handle misbehavior in the class by first listening to what the child has to say. What I think I saw and what really happened might not be the same. I may have only seen a small part of a larger conflict/problem. When needed I go back over classroom rules and how we treat friends, then we come up with idea about how they can better respond/act next time.

5. What five items would you put in an empty classroom?

Baby Dolls
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