• Tassia Araujo-Roper

Meet Mrs. Tabitha

Mrs. Tabitha the preschool teacher at Playful Learners Preschool in Charlottesville, Virginia.

1. How do you help new parents feel secure knowing that you're providing the best care for their child?

I think its important to greet the child first and introduse myself, then greet the parents. I encourage parents to stay and participate, call, and check-in. I give a brief biography making sure to include my years of experience, then I show the child around the classroom.

2. Define success as a preschool teacher.

A successful preschool teacher is one that ares more about the child's experience than the mess.

3. How do you know if your teaching strategies are effective?

If the class is responding to them; it's important to have more thanone style because no two groups of children will be the same.

4. How do you handle misbehavior in the classroom?

First, I acknowledge that the student is having an issue. Then, I get the class engaged in a movement activity, get down on their level, and talk to try to figure it out together. If the behavior seems to be scaring other students or I need a tap, I call for support.

5. What five items would you put in an empty classroom?

Transparent Blocks (my fav)

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